We’re excited that you want to submit your AI tool to our directory. Having your tool listed will help more users discover it.

Why List an AI on Our Platform?

Once submitted, we’ll review your tool to ensure it meets our criteria for inclusion. If all looks good, we’ll list it on the AI tools directory within 2 business days so others can discover it.

AI Tool Submission FAQs

We consider listings for any AI-related tools that could help our users. The main requirements are that your tool is functional, provides clear value to users and you can provide the basic submission details we request.

We evaluate each tool individually but aim to have a low barrier to participation whenever possible.

Be sure to include the following when submitting:

  • 150 - 400 words of quality information about the tool
  • Tool name and link in the description
  • A screenshot of the homepage, or an appropriate graphic, preferably 1345 * 675 pixels

We aim to complete our review within 2 business days of receiving your submission. In some cases it may take up to 5 days, but we'll keep you updated on timing.

Absolutely. Once listed, you're welcome to contact us at any time with updates to your tool's description, capabilities, pricing or other details. We'll help keep your listing current.

Even if your tool doesn't exactly match one of our categories, feel free to submit it for review. As long as it provides value to AI professionals, there's a good chance we can find the right place for it. We want to include as many useful tools as possible.

Yes, your contact details will only be used internally by our team and will not be publicly displayed or shared elsewhere without your permission. We want founders to feel comfortable providing their information to us.

While our primary benefit is exposure through directory placement, we do occasionally feature certain listings in various sections of the AI tools directory, our blog, social channels, and email list. Top tools may also be invited to participate in interviews, webinars, or other promotional opportunities. Simply choose the featured package option when submitting or reach out if you have any other questions!


We understand that you could require e­xtra assistance when uploading content on our site­. If you need any special arrange­ments, (such as additional feature­s, customized formatting, or other reque­sts), feel free­ to contact us directly.

Don't hesitate to contact us via email (hello@aitoolsone.com). We'll be happy to he­lp and address your specific nee­ds.

Yes. But at the moment, we only process refunds for rejected listings.

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