What Is JotBot AI?

JotBot uses artificial intelligence to help you write faster and smarter. As you type, it will suggest the next sentences, and paragraphs, or even write them for you to save you time and keep your writing coherent and on-message. 

JotBot can recreate your unique writing style to kickstart the drafting process. It just needs to analyze your existing work.

Hit a roadblock? Chat with JotBot directly in your document for instant research help or brainstorming. 

One interesting thing is how easy JotBot makes incorporating sources. It can read and analyze files, websites, transcripts, and anything else.

It then pulls relevant information into your documents with citations. No more tedious manual research.

If you do a lot of note-taking, you’ll love JotBot’s automatic transcription. Point it to an audio file or video and it will generate written notes in seconds.

The tool can also summarize videos. Simply provide the video, choose a language, and it will view and generate transcripts.



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JotBot AI

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