What Is Pictory?

Pictory is a tool that uses powerful artificial intelligence to instantly generate videos from simple scripts, blog posts, or presentations. You don’t require any video editing experience required.

It pulls from a vast library to insert realistic stock footage, effects, and AI-generated voices that match your content perfectly. The AI video generator suits various business needs.

Educators and course creators can turn lectures or lessons into captivating explainer videos that maximize learning retention. Business professionals can generate video clips from meetings or webinars to easily share key insights on social media.

Marketers can transform long-form content into short branded snippets optimized for each platform. Teams can also leverage Pictory to collaboratively plan, and discuss assets and ideas.

The best part is that Pictory understands videos perform far better with captions. So it intelligently adds multi-language subtitles to increase reach and watch time for even for those watching on mute.

Whether you’re an individual, business, or enterprise, Pictory levels the playing field by empowering anyone to stand out with high-quality, engaging videos minus hours of tedious work.



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Pictory AI

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