What Is Shiken.ai?

Shiken.ai is a micro-learning platform powered by AI for knowledge workers, creators, or lifelong learners. This tool may excite you if you’re tired of searching for educational content or making learning materials.

For those who seek to consume, create, deliver, and analyze educational content at scale, Shiken.ai is the perfect solution. Whether you’re a working professional who wants to upskill, a solopreneur looking to increase your expertise, or a learning and development specialist trying to involve your team; Shiken.ai will work for you.

With this tool, you could change any piece of text into an exciting lesson within minutes. Shiken.ai’s user-friendly AI-driven tools can easily convert your knowledge into interactive quizzes and much more without having any design or development skills.

What’s more interesting, Shiken.ai offers personalized learning experiences. The AI assistant was built specifically to help you work quicker, learn smarter, and unleash your imagination. If you want to enhance your job-related abilities; master a new language or get ready for that big test – don’t worry because Shiken has you covered.

There’s this thing called “scenario-based learning” in Shiken.ai which lets users create immersive role-plays where people can have freeform conversations to challenge them on how well they can apply what has been taught. Each response given by the learner is then analyzed by the AI which also provides them with individualized feedback to ensure every person learns at their own pace.



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