Have you ever wondered how those AI video generators can help you create engaging YouTube Shorts with no video editing experience? As a content creator, small business owner, or marketer, you’ve likely noticed the rise of short-form videos on social media.

YouTube has been heavily promoting short-form vertical videos lately through its “Shorts” feature. This has been a big opportunity for getting new eyeballs on content.

Whether you have a long-form video you want to break into shorter clips for YouTube’s Shorts feature, or you’re starting from scratch, generating high-quality videos can be a time-consuming process. 

This is where AI short video generators can help you out. Using these new tools, you can repurpose existing long videos or script ideas into shareable Shorts formats without video editing or design skills.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best AI tools for generating professional YouTube Shorts videos without a huge time investment. You don’t have to become a video production expert, just read on!

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What Is the Best AI YouTube Shorts Maker?

Below is a list of the top AI tools for creating short videos for YouTube.

1. Vizard.ai


First on this list is Vizard.ai, an impressive tool that can help you generate professional YouTube Shorts with ease. Using Vizard, you can save hours with its automated video-cutting capabilities.

With a quick upload, you’ll be on your way to repurposing long-form content or building new Shorts. The AI analyzes your long-form videos and intelligently identifies the most captivating segments to turn into individual short clips.

It just takes minutes. And you’ll have a library of shortened videos primed for YouTube without tedious rewatching or manual slicing.

Where Vizard shines is its full-featured video editor. You’ll have options to enhance your YouTube Shorts through dynamic captions in over 30 languages, trendy styles used by top creators, or fully customized text.

The AI even sources related B-roll footage to insert for visual interest. Descriptions, hashtags, and emojis are smartly generated too.

Yet Vizard also empowers you with creative control and branding. You can access editing tools to modify your Shorts as desired, adding finishing touches like logos, fonts, and more. You can publish directly to YouTube from the platform or export your final videos.

Top Features

  • AI speaker cut
  • Automated captions in 32+ languages
  • A-generated emojis to grab more attention


Vizard.ai is a freemium tool with paid options starting at $30/month.

2. Predis.ai


Looking for an AI social media content creator that streamlines the entire shorts production process? Well, Predis.ai may interest you.

You simply provide a text prompt or blog post content and let the magic happen. Gone are the days of tedious scriptwriting, asset hunting, and manual editing.

Predis takes care of sourcing all the perfect video elements to bring those words to life on screen. These include visuals, animations, hashtags, and captions.

Also, Predis gives you customization options. If the auto-generated short isn’t quite right, flexible editing tools allow refining videos in just seconds.

From adding your clips to tweaking animations, the intuitive interface keeps the creative flow moving. You have access to massive libraries of stock images and royalty-free music that can elevate your Shorts through captivating visuals and immersive sound. 

The easy scheduling and one-click publishing straight from the app is the cherry on top. No more app switching as you can focus fully on production and let Predis handle distribution.

Top Features

  • Text or blog post to YouTube short video
  • Customizable templates
  • Team collaboration


Predis.ai is a freemium tool with paid options starting at $32/month.

3. VideoGen


VideoGen is an AI-powered tool that can generate high-quality YouTube shorts with just text. This AI video generator allows you to completely automate the video editing process and save lots of time.

We all know how tedious tasks like finding the right footage and adding subtitles and music can be. The tool even lets you generate scripts using a friendly and helpful AI chat assistant.

Not everyone feels comfortable being on camera, so features like automatic B-roll clip compilation and text-to-speech narration open up the format. You’re able to create videos without ever showing your face. 

The library of copyright-free assets and voices in multiple languages is extremely impressive. It gives you as a crater endless customization options to reach broader audiences.

And knowing the videos are safe for commercial use removes so many limitations. What’s more, VideoGen’s optimized video editor and one-click touches make it easy to scale your channel like never before.

Top Features

  • 3M+ copyright-free media library assets
  • 150+ AI voices, realistic-sounding
  • 40+ languages and accents


VideoGen is a paid tool with prices starting at $5/month.

4. Opus Clip

Opus Clip

Opus Clip is revolutionary in how it simplifies the process of creating engaging YouTube Shorts from long-form videos. Opus Clip’s AI-powered video clipping tool analyzes semantics and identifies the most compelling snippets within a longer video in mere seconds.

With one click, you can transform a source material such as a podcast or long video into a library of customized Shorts primed for YouTube’s short attention spans. Rather than spending hours chopping clips manually, the AI does the heavy lifting so you can focus on higher-level creative tasks.

Opus Clip is magical when it comes to enhancing those auto-generated Shorts. Things like AI virality scoring, dynamic layouts, and caption animations inject new life into the content.

Creators have full control too as you can customize looks, shorten clips, and add branding in the intuitive editor. Perhaps most valuable is how OpusClip drives traffic back to original videos.

By producing Shorts that audiences want to watch, it naturally promotes the long-form content it stemmed from. The one-click publish to YouTube and then Instagram Reels (among other platforms) further expands your reach multi-platform.

Top Features

  • Text-based and timeline-based AI video editing
  • Brand templates
  • 1-click posting and scheduler


Opus Clip is a freemium tool with paid options starting at $9/month.

5. 2short.ai


2short.ai is an AI Shorts maker that can incredibly useful tool for content creators. It leverages advanced AI technologies to save hours of work. 

With 2short.ai, you can pump out so many more videos without sacrificing quality. It’s a chance to maximize the reach and lifespan of existing content.

2short.ai focuses on the most engaging snippets through facial tracking and AI analysis helps hook viewers and boost metrics. The active speakers are the focus of the videos and will be centered on the screen at all times.

You can generate and input animated subtitles to make them more engaging and accessible to a wider audience. 2shot. Ai does all these while keeping the resolution high.

It also comes with advanced editing tools that provide flexibility when automatic functions aren’t enough. You’re able to crop and customize with brand logos and overlays to build a cohesive visual identity.

Top Features

  • AI facial centering
  • Animated subtitles
  • Editing and cropping abilities


2short.ai is a freemium tool with paid options starting at $9.90/month.

What Is an AI YouTube Shorts Generator?

AI YouTube Shorts makers are tools that can produce complete YouTube Shorts videos automatically, using just text, audio, or lengthy videos as a base. For text to YouTube Shorts, you can write a script (or generate it) and the AI handles everything else.

It finds relevant B-roll footage, adds music, synthesizes a voiceover, and even captions the video so it’s accessible to more viewers. If it’s text to a short video, you simply provide the voiceover content for it to curate relevant video elements.

Suppose it’s a longer video to YouTube Shorts. In that case, the AI simply analyzes the content and extracts relevant and engaging parts of it, while also adding other elements to make the video more interesting.

Most of these tools have libraries with millions of stock images and clips to choose from. And they’ve got very human-sounding text-to-speech now too.

Best of all, the generator can crank out dozens of videos at the same time it would take a person to edit just one. So content creators can massively accelerate their posting schedules and experiment with different topics.

Who Can Use an AI YouTube Shorts Maker?

YouTube creators, big and small, could get a lot of value from a tool like this. Whether you’re just starting out or have a huge following already, the rapid production of dozens of new shorts each week allows for much more experimentation and engagement with viewers.

Educators might find it useful too. Imagine generating auto-captioned lessons on any topic just by writing a script. Could be a big help for online learning. 

Businesses have a huge opportunity to grow their brands on YouTube these days. But making videos takes time away from your core work. With an AI generator, you could pump out regular shorts promoting your products or services with minimal effort.

Journalists and news outlets as well. Staying constantly updated requires a ton of content. This could automate the process of turning written stories into shareable video clips.

Even individuals who just want an easy way to document their lives or hobbies could benefit. No video skills are required if the AI is doing the heavy lifting by editing for you.

So really anyone looking to expand their online presence through short video has the potential to gain by letting AI handle the production grunt work. It lowers the barrier to creating engaging visual content at scale.


Utilizing AI is an easy way to create short videos on demand and promote your business, brand, or ideas online. It doesn’t matter if you’re a content marketer looking to boost engagement, an online tutor wanting to break up lessons, or an entrepreneur promoting your small business.

These new AI generators are game changers for creating quick yet captivating video content. So, from the features of the listed AI YouTube Shorts makers, go and explore what the one you liked most has to offer.

Most of them offer free versions and trial periods. You can test the functionalities and experience a portion of the benefits before committing to a paid subscription.

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