What Is AIKTP?

AIKTP is an AI writing tool that enables you to write good SEO articles easily and quickly. The software is developed with the most recent natural language processing technology, which helps it extract current and relevant content from the Google search engine.

On the tool, you can produce long 2,000-2,500 words of SEO-friendly articles on any niche topic in just a few minutes. This kind of software can eliminate long periods spent on research.

All you have to do is provide a few keywords or an outline, and the AI handles the rest. The content it generates is grammatically correct and ready to go.

In addition, another main advantage of AIKTP is the quality of the content produced by the software. It’s hard for anyone to know that the content generated by this software was created by a “robot.”

The best part about AIKTP is that writers have several options to explore when it comes to producing articles using the tool. The number of ways through which AI outputs can be generated by AIKTP include writing by keywords, outline, source (data from a URL) or even bulk writing thousands of articles.

Given that the tool utilizes Google search updates, it’s possible to even write news pieces using it. Other than that, AIKTP also has paraphrasing abilities to rewrite paragraphs.



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