What Is Aragon.ai?

Aragon.ai is an innovative AI headshot app that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform everyday selfies into polished professional headshots.

The tool serves as an effortless and affordable way for people of all professions to generate high-quality headshots without the need for a professional photographer. The AI is trained to analyze faces and subtly refine images to highlight your best features.

Within an hour of uploading your set of regular photos or selfies, Aragon AI allows you to preview and download the generated headshots. These generated images feature various facial postures, clothing styles, and backgrounds.

With over 350,000 satisfied users and counting, it’s clear the technology has filled a need for accessible yet impressive professional headshots. Whether for a LinkedIn profile, resume, or new career opportunity, Aragon AI equips you to put your best face forward.

Top Features

⦿ Up to 100 unique headshots

⦿ 50 outfits and background

⦿ 30-90 minute turnaround time

⦿ Free redos


Aragon AI suits anyone who needs professional headshots quickly without scheduling and going for a photoshoot session, whether you’re a job seeker, career person, or student.

Aragon AI has 3 packages depending on how many professional images you need, starting at $35/shoot.

Aragon AI is not only legit but also accurate in generating headshots out of your selfies and regular photos. You can find many images you like with various facial postures, outfits, and backgrounds.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results you get (even after uploading clear and quality selfies for the AI to refer to), you can request a refund from Aragon AI within 30 days. Other than that, some of the packages allow for a free redo where you get a chance to regenerate the headshots.



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