What Is SnapHeadshots?

SnapHeadshots by PFPMaker is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate professional-quality headshots in just minutes. All you need to do is either use their online “AI Photobooth” to snap a few quick selfies, or manually upload 10-15 existing photos of yourself from different angles and outfits. 

SnapHeadshot’s AI is incredibly advanced as it was created by actual AI researchers. It studies the photos you provide to learn your features, expressions, and personality. Within 45 minutes or less, it will automatically generate an entire portfolio of headshots for you.

The best part is the quality is just as good, if not better, than a traditional photo studio. You get perfect lighting, styling, and backgrounds without any of the hassle or high price tag normally associated with professional headshots. 

Once your shots are ready, you’ll get a notification from SnapHeadshots. Then you can easily log in and download high-resolution JPEGs of all the winners. It’s perfect for updating things like your resume, LinkedIn, social profiles, and anywhere you want to showcase your professional best self.



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