What Is Alter AI?

Alter AI is an AI platform that can turn regular selfies into professional-quality headshots in no time at all. It uses machine learning models to analyze photos of you and learn your facial features.

Then it can generate all new headshots that look just like you but with a polished and professional vibe. The results will look like they were taken by a real photographer, except that you never went for a real shoot.

The process is really simple too. All you have to do is upload around 15 existing photos of yourself in a variety of looks like different outfits, locations, facial expressions, and such. Within an hour or two, Alter AI will have generated 20 unique headshot styles for you to choose from.

The tool is perfect if you need headshots for a LinkedIn profile, acting resume, or other professional purposes. You get a chance to save the time and money that would have gone into a traditional photoshoot.



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Alter AI

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