What Is The Multiverse AI?

The Multiverse AI is a headshot tool that can help upgrade your professional image. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate high-quality headshots from your selfies and works way better than other similar services I’ve seen.

All you do is make a payment and upload 12-20 casual photos of yourself. Within just a couple of hours, The Multiverse will deliver a huge portfolio of 120 completely new, AI-generated headshots.

The quality is really where it stands out as these shots look incredibly realistic and professional. They’re perfect for things like LinkedIn, conferences, public speaking events, and job applications.

One unique thing about The Multiverse tool is that it also has a chat feature where you can describe your ideal headshot down to the smallest detail. Things like background, outfit, hairstyle – you name it.

The AI will then generate custom images based directly on your description. If you purchase their package, you even get 20 of such custom headshots additionally for free.



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The Multiverse AI

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