What Is Dreamwave AI?

Dreamwave AI is an artificial intelligence tool for generating professional headshots without having to book a full photo shoot. Basically, it works by letting you upload some existing photos of yourself that you think show your best features.

Dreamwave’s AI headshot generator is advanced, having been created by experts from MIT and Google Brain, so they really know their stuff. It then analyzes your photos to learn your face and features.

After that, it starts generating new headshot images with different backgrounds, poses, and expressions. But the crazy thing is, it still looks just like you!

Once it’s done working its magic, you can browse through the generated shots and pick your favorites. From there, you can even further tweak small details like lighting or cropping using their online editor.

When you’re happy with a shot, you can download it at a high resolution ready to use. Your data remains secure, you can delete all records at any time, and Dreamwave AI doesn’t require privacy-violating information to serve you.



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Dreamwave AI Headshots

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