What Is Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is an AI-powered transcription tool. Suppose you’re gearing up for a crucial meeting, interview, or maybe even a podcast episode and want to change all the recorded audio into an organized text document.

Ordinarily, this would mean spending hours doing boring work. But Cockatoo, the state-of-the-art AI, can transcribe it for you in just seconds.

You simply feed it with your video or audio file, and it will churn out subtitles or a transcript faster than you can say “transcription.” The tool is unbelievably accurate when transcribing speech and you won’t have to struggle through muddled up or incorrect texts.

Also with Cockatoo, there are no limits to the number of transcriptions that can be made. Plus, there are no hidden charges either.

Moreover, it can work with more than 90 languages. So, converting your audio recordings into written words won’t be a problem regardless of what tongue they are in!



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