What Is Coursebox?

Coursebox is an AI-powered tool that can truly transform the way you create and deliver online courses. The first thing about this AI course creation and authoring platform is how quickly you can go from idea to finished course.

Through its intuitive “Files to Course” feature, you can take existing materials like videos, documents, or websites and automatically convert them into a polished online learning experience, all in under an hour.

Coursebox understands that high-quality content is crucial, which is why it offers AI course design assistance. The platform can help brainstorm your topic outline from the start. You also get an initial draft to customize further.

With Coursebox, you can integrate the lessons and tools into your existing LMS or HR system. It even generates certificates upon completion. 

Coursebox also provides engaging features to boost learner interaction. One of them is AI quizzes and assignments.

The AI Tutor is a chat assistant that allows for real-time conversations to clarify concepts. And with AI Assessment, students get instant feedback on assignments through automated grading of quizzes and written work.

Perhaps most impressive is how Coursebox leverages AI to automate traditionally time-consuming tasks. It frees educators to focus on enhancing learning through its 24/7 AI tutors that ensure no question goes unanswered.



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