What Is Devi AI?

Devi is an AI social monitoring and lead generation tool. It has the potential to completely transform how you find and engage with potential clients.

Devi AI allows you to monitor keywords across major social platforms like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. This gives you visibility into relevant conversations happening online in your industry or area of interest.

By listening in on these discussions, Devi can help identify users who may need your services or products. Rather than manually reaching out, Devi uses AI algorithms to conduct personalized outreach on your behalf.

It can craft engaging, human-like messages to start a dialogue and hopefully turn those discussions into new business opportunities. With the right keywords, this has the power to uncover a treasure trove of qualified leads.

On top of that, Devi can boost your brand’s online presence through AI-curated visual content for your industry. Posting engaging, relevant images increases engagement and the extra exposure could attract even more potential clients your way. 

Best of all, Devi allows you to set this up within 30 seconds. Just connect your social profiles, add keywords of interest, and provide your business details.

Then you can sit back and let the AI do all the monitoring, matching, and outreach for you. No more tedious manual searching across platforms.



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Devi AI


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