What Is Keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights is a powerful keyword tool to help you simplify your entire keyword research process. It can help generate thousands of keyword ideas on a given topic out of one seed term with just a few clicks.

What’s more, it can group similar keywords into clusters. You can easily identify any gaps you may have in covering certain topics with your content.

The machine-learning analysis of search intent and content types for large lists of keywords is pretty impressive of Keyword Insights too. You get a chance to understand what types of niche-specific content currently rank well and automatically identify the highest potential performers.

You can even automatically generate content briefs using Keyword Insights. It quickly outlines pieces that should perform well based on the discovered keyword opportunities.

And then with one more click, you’re able to send those briefs directly to your writers. This way, they have a solid starting point.




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Keyword Insights


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