GetGenie is a tool that allows you to easily create optimized content that resonates with Google. Using natural language processing and SERP data analysis, GetGenie helps you identify highly relevant keywords to target.

The tool analyzes keyword trends, search volume, competitiveness, CPC, related keywords, and other metrics. It then ensures your content incorporates the elements of top-ranking search results pages and is primed to follow the same path.

Being able to examine your competitors’ strengths and gaps using GetGenie is also really useful intel. You get a chance to craft even better and more targeted articles that outrank theirs on search results.

Also, the one-click SEO-optimized blog creation is so convenient for preparing content in bulk. And having an automated score to pinpoint on-page factors saves valuable time fine-tuning for rankings.

What’s more, the tool works in over 30 languages too. That global reach sets GetGenie apart from some other AI-based content tools that only support the English language.




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