What Is Generated Photos?

Generated Photos is a platform where you can create images completely with artificial intelligence rather than photography. The company behind it has developed some powerful AI tools that can generate unique human faces and full body images without using any existing photos as a base. 

The face generator lets you input different parameters to customize facial features and create a unique face never seen before. Generated Photos has a large database of over 10,000 realistic full-body images of humans that were all generated by their AI systems.

And, there is a human generator as well. Using it, you can customize body type, clothing, pose, and other attributes to make customized full humans.

The real benefit of these generated photos is that they are completely original and unique creations of AI. So there are no issues around copyright, privacy, or other legal matters that could come up with using real people’s photos.

Businesses can freely use these generated images for all sorts of purposes like ads, designs, marketing materials, research projects, and even machine learning applications. 

Besides generating from scratch, you can upload a reference photo to generate similar-looking faces. The platform also offers options like anonymizing photos.



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Generated Photos

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