What Is GravityWrite?

GravityWrite is an AI writer for content creators. The AI tool uses artificial intelligence to help you create all different kinds of high-quality written content quickly and easily. 

You don’t have to spend hours writing and rewriting blog posts, social media captions, video scripts, ads, and other copy by hand. GravityWrite can generate draft content for you in just seconds.

The AI has been trained on massive datasets. This means it understands what type of language and messaging typically performs best for different goals like driving clicks, conversions, or engagement. 

GravityWrite gives you a whole suite of writing tools rather than just focusing on one type of content. All you have to do is pick a suitable template and provide some basic details like the brand or topic, so it can spit out drafts customized to your audience and goals.

On top of generating the initial content, GravityWrite also lets you tweak things like tone, length, and style to your exact liking. So the AI does the heavy lifting upfront but you still have full control over the finished work.



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