What Is HeyGen?

HeyGen is an AI-powered tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate animated avatars and voices that you can incorporate into your videos. This allows you to produce professional-looking content without having to appear on camera or do voiceovers yourself.

What is really neat is the variety of avatars available. You’ve got options covering different ages, ethnicities, poses, and outfits. Or if you want something even more customized, you can design your avatar from scratch.

Once you’ve selected an avatar, you can either use one of its voice options or record your own narration to accompany the video. HeyGen also provides templates optimized for things like training, promotions, and tutorials to simplify the process.

It seems like such a handy tool for teams needing to pump out a lot of video content, like sales, marketing, product demos, and more. No more worrying about finding freelance presenters or scheduling filming as you can knock out videos virtually anywhere and anytime with HeyGen.



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