What Is HIX.AI?

HIX.AI is a powerful AI writing assistant that can boost your content creation efforts. It has over 120 different AI tools all bundled together.

HIX AI writer also offers some unique capabilities that set it apart. ArticleGPT, one of its features, is useful for quickly creating fact-based blog posts complete with the latest data and customized references.

It also offers 8 different article types. Such a level of detail can save a ton of time versus manual research. 

HIX Bypass is designed to make AI writing undetectable. Being able to make your AI writing sound more human while retaining the original meaning is a big advantage over some other tools.

This humanizing feature also makes your content keyword-rich and SEO-optimized. You can benefit a lot from the rank boosts!

The HIX.AI Chrome extension is convenient as it means you can access HIX.AI’s assistance directly from anywhere you normally write, including Google Docs, Gmail, and social media platforms. Just highlight any text on a webpage for rewriting, summarizing, or translation.



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