What Is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is a tool that can change everything when it comes to realizing your creative visions. If you need to use AI-generated images to enhance your projects, this tool might be of interest. 

With Leonardo AI, you can create one-of-a-kind stunning art pieces driven by AI for your galleries, portfolios, digital signage, social media posts, or personal satisfaction. Leonardo.AI opens new possibilities and allows you to unleash all kinds of new ideas and styles while also taking your artistic expression to another level.

The Leonardo.AI image generator is first and foremost designed for creators and artists. Its AI-based approach sets you free from having to follow the rules of traditional digital art creation.

Be it breathtaking digital designs, concept art, portraits, or illustrations that you aim for, don’t worry because Leonardo.AI has it all under control. You’re able to create various styles and subjects quickly and in line with what resonates best with your vision for artwork until you find ‘the one’.

Leonardo AI has a Canvas Editor where you can tweak your generated art. It allows you to add text, expand your image, and more.

The Universal Upscaler feature included with this software package enables you to create high-resolution images from low-quality sources such as sketches or old photographs easily. To top it all, Leonardo AI also has an AI video generator that can add motion to still images and create animations.



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Leonardo AI

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