What Is Linke Whisper?

Link Whisper is a smart internal linking tool with artificial intelligence abilities. It can automatically generate relevant internal link suggestions as you write in the WordPress editor.

Link Whisper can also analyze your existing content and identify opportunities to strengthen the on-site structure. It highlights pages that have few incoming links to help prioritize optimization.

You’re also able to instantly build new links from specified keywords to your target pages. Once you set up a keyword, the AI will automatically put a link on it wherever it appears.

The platform provides you with in-depth link reporting, something valuable for auditing your site architecture and content performance. Having visibility into things like broken links, outbound vs internal links, and traffic data integrated from Google Search Console would allow you to make strategic decisions. 

Link Whisper allows quick fixes right from within the tool. If you have multiple sites in one or similar niches, you can connect them to generate cross-linking ideas.




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Link Whisper


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