What Is LongShot AI?

LongShot AI allows you to generate real-time, factually accurate content right in your brand style. It can research topics, plan out content strategies, and then write articles, blog posts, and other materials for you automatically.

LongShot is an AI designed with teams and businesses in mind. It allows you to upload your company’s documents and knowledge bases to ensure the content it produces is tailored to your brand and integrated with your existing information.

Another great feature is that LongShot considers semantic SEO best practices when writing. The content it generates will be optimized to rank well on searches and provide value to readers.

You can also create custom templates using LongShot. These templates will define a structure for it to follow for specific topics or use cases.

It publishes content on current events automatically to help keep audiences informed. And it integrates with common CMS platforms like WordPress so the AI-generated materials can be easily deployed on your website.



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LongShot AI

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