What Is Narrato Workspace?

Narrato Workspace is an AI content writing tool for teams. It provides some benefits that you may not find on other tools similar to it.

The main value prop is having a single platform that allows you to ideate, create, optimize, and publish content end-to-end in one place. You’re able to plan projects, assign tasks, collaborate smoothly, and track workflows.

The platform offers over 100 AI tools to assist with content creation, from templates and brief generators to editing for quality, readability, and SEO. Also, Narrato’s AI chat research tool provides flexibility beyond templates.

Using AI throughout the content creation process has the potential to significantly boost productivity and output. There are options for customizability with brand voices and self-created templates that serve as nice touches.

What’s more, you can automate publishing and scheduling to various channels directly from Narrato to save valuable time otherwise spent switching between different CMSs and platforms. And the integrations with major services like WordPress, Facebook, and LinkedIn are quite convenient.

With Narrato by your side, it becomes easy to manage both internal teams and external freelancers on one platform. This approach can foster better coordination and transparency.



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Narrato Workspace

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