What Is NeuralText?

NeuralText is an all-in-one AI platform that can change the game for you when it comes to content planning, creation, and optimization. If you have a terrific content strategy that is not working as effectively as it could because you cannot put it into practice, that’s where this AI SEO writing tool comes in.

In the planning stage, NeuralText’s keyword clustering is so powerful that it’s like having a dedicated SEO expert on your team. It automatically categorizes several queries you can cover with a concise piece of content to give you a chance to finish the work quickly with all the right outcomes.

Moreover, from the research perspective, NeuralText’s live SERP analysis along with the content briefs give you a competitive edge and also help you make content that attracts your audience. You can be sure that the suggestions you get are based on other top-performing web pages already ranking well.

Moving to the writing stage put into the equation, NeuralText’s AI writing assistant is kind of like your invisible but personal ghostwriter. It replaces your thoughts with content that engages the readers and is at the same time quite interesting, impressing search engines.

NeuralText doesn’t only make the content creation easier. With its Search Console Integration, you can easily make the most out of the content’s performance by getting the deepest insights and solving the issues reducing content engagement from your audience. 



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