What Is PepHop AI?

PepHop AI is an AI-powered AI character app that uses artificial intelligence to create joyful moments for users. PepHop has something for everyone, whether you want something tame or a little wild.

PepHop introduces a broad range of characters with different traits for you to interact with. It comes in two versions, SFW and NSFW, so you can pick the one that suits your taste best.

The AI centers around anime-styled personalities, which means everything will be colorful and detailed. Whether you need a virtual companion that’s submissive or mature, maybe even a bit mean; all personality types are available and waiting just for you.

Also, picture being able to make your own personalized chatbots designed exactly to your liking. PepHop lets you do that!

To create a character, you simply need to enter a name and upload an avatar after the registration. But the customization doesn’t stop there.

You can set your chatbot to be public or private, choose its gender, and decide whether it should be SFW or NSFW. And if that’s not enough, you can also describe its personality and provide sample chats to help train it.



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PepHop AI

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