What Is Resemble AI?

Resemble AI is an AI voice generation software that allows you to take a short recording of someone’s voice and then generate a whole new artificial voice that sounds just like the original. It has already generated over 200,000 different AI voices!

The best part is that companies can use these cloned voices to improve customer service. Imagine someone calling your business and being helped by an AI assistant sounding just like a real representative they know and trust.

It would be so much more natural and engaging than talking to a robot. Besides customer service, Resemble AI enables all sorts of brands, from gaming and entertainment to adverts and call centers, to create custom voices for apps and websites.

The platform also offers some really smart deepfake detection tools. Resemble can analyze audio and tell if it contains an AI voice or a real human to filter out deepfakes and protect.

What’s more, there’s an AI Watermarker that allows organizations using Resemble AI’s voices to embed a hidden digital watermark into any audio they create. This means, down the line, no other AI system will use that same audio data without permission and go undiscovered.



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Resemble AI

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