What Is SendShort?

If you want to create interesting content for social networks, SendShort is a tool that can help you with that. This AI video editing tool is designed to generate short clips that are likely to go viral based on some elements it adds to them.

All you need to do is upload your video files and this tool will find the best moments in them. It edits everything into ideal shorts for social media automatically.

But there are even more options when it comes to editing. You can add subtitles (with various fonts, styles, and colors) use personalized templates from their library, or add some extra dynamic feeling by throwing in b-roll footage.

Plus if that wasn’t enough already then go ahead and put in music too. The music can either be from YouTube or a downloaded MP3 file.

Now, when it comes to planning and managing posts on different platforms, SendShort doesn’t disappoint.  You’re able to schedule your posts with SendShort so that they can be published at optimal times across all social networks. You can also track how well each one does.



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