What Is SubtitleBee?

SubtitleBee is an AI subtitling tool to simplify your content creation process. You probably know what a hassle it is to add captions or subtitles to your video workflow.

You spend countless hours doing it by hand; making sure everything syncs perfectly and looks good is just painful. This AI video editing tool for subtitles takes care of all that, automatically.

SubtitleBee can automatically generate high-quality captions and subtitles within a matter of seconds once you upload the video file. SubtitleBee lets you customize the font styles, add eye-catching “supertitles” at key moments, and play around with different caption color schemes to make sure they perfectly complement your video’s aesthetic.

What’s more, it doesn’t stop at one language. SubtitleBee will also translate them into any other language needed so as not to limit your audience’s reach around the globe with just one version of content.

SubtitleBee has another interesting ability. You can add a progress bar (mostly used on Facebook Watch), that shows how far along the viewer is watching the video. This bar is optimized for all resolutions and makes videos more engaging, and you can customize the color.

Also, you can easily share your video when you finish creating it using SubtitleBee. You just need to click a few buttons then the software will export the video with embedded subtitles to any of your social media platforms.



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