What Is FireCut?

FireCut is an AI-powered video editing made to work with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time editing videos, you understand how long and boring that can be.

FireCut, for instance, can remove all the silent parts in your footage within a few seconds. You can clean up hours of video clips by just clicking one button without scrolling through the timeline trying to find those awkward pauses.

Another feature that is worth noting here is its captions. FireCut can transcribe your audio automatically into more than 50 languages and then come up with stylish on-brand captions ideal for social media.

Also, when it comes to podcast editing this tool is just a lifesaver. It can detect when the camera switches based on the content, and then automatically adjust the cuts for you. No more having to manually sync up multiple camera angles.

Another thing is its chapter detection, which suits content like tutorials and documentaries. FireCut will analyze your footage and automatically detect where the different chapters are, so you can easily add intro slides and navigation for viewers.

What’s more, the artificial intelligence used by FireCut can determine when it’s most appropriate to create an exciting zoom cut effect. This instantly makes the video look more alive and profound.



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