What Is Colourlab.ai?

Colourlab.ai is an AI-powered color grading tool that could take your editing to the next level, whether you’re a passionate amateur or a Hollywood blockbuster. Available for Windows and Mac, Colourlab’s magic begins with the “Just Click Match” feature.

With a single click, it can analyze your footage and apply balanced, natural-looking colors automatically. For anyone who finds grading daunting, this simplifies it tremendously. 

It also has an incredible library of looks created by top Hollywood colorists. Rather than basic LUTs, these are true artistic styles that can completely transform the mood and feel of your project.

Best of all, with the full control it provides, you don’t have to settle for a premade look. You can customize it to your exact vision.

The design is intuitive, focusing on creativity over technical complexity. Being cross-platform is also a huge benefit that allows for smooth workflows between different editing systems. 

Colourlab’s DaVinci Resolve integration shows the powerful functionality under the hood. It’s easy to see why so many top studios rely on Colourlab.ai for their color grading needs.



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