What Is Wisecut?

Wisecuts is an AI-powered video editor that can do magic to your long videos without you needing editing skills. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – hours upon hours of footage, but only a few golden moments that truly shine.

With Wisecut, those days of painstakingly sifting through endless clips are over. This AI tool can automatically detect and extract those viral-worthy parts that are sure to engage your audience.

It takes video editing to a whole new level with its storyboard-based editing feature. You won’t have to wrestle with complex timelines or keyframes but simply move around the transcribed text and scenes to transform the video.

And let’s not forget about the power of music to elevate your content. Wisecut has got you covered there too, automatically selecting the perfect soundtrack that fits your video like a glove.

But it gets even better – with audio ducking, the music will automatically lower when someone’s speaking and increase when there’s no speech to ensure a professional-quality experience for viewers.

Wisecut’s AI and auto zoom-in technology allow you to effortlessly remove those awkward silent pauses and ensure a smooth and uninterrupted flow for your videos. And because people watch videos on mute in public, Wisecut understands the need for captions.

It offers auto-generated captions that you can easily tweak using the AI Storyboard tool. If you’re looking to expand your reach beyond borders, Wisecut has got your back with content translation abilities into multiple languages. 



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