What Is Sharly AI?

Sharly AI is a chat-with-PDF tool to help with research and document analysis. You just upload your file and ask the AI questions.

It can handle over 50 different document types that you can chat with through a simple question-and-answer format. But that’s not all.

One powerful feature is cross-document analysis. By comparing information across multiple sources, Sharly AI can help you better understand relationships and differences between topics. 

Being powered by GPT-4, one of the most advanced AI models, means Sharly provides highly accurate summaries, answers, and information retrieval from texts. And it continuously tunes itself to improve over time.

The automatic OCR for PDFs extracts text from scanned files so you don’t have to manually transcribe images. Plus it’s integrated with Google Drive, making it easy to access and share documents.

There’s a collaborative knowledge base for teams to utilize. Also, Sharly AI’s summarization abilities can assist in quickly getting high-quality summaries out of lengthy documents to speed up research.



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Sharly AI

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