What Is testRigor?

If you want to stop using difficult test automation tools that are hard to set up and maintain, testRigor is a complete end-to-end test automation solution that may interest you. testRigor is all you need for testing.

It doesn’t matter if your project is web, mobile, desktop, or API because testRigor can do it. And you don’t have to be a guru in coding for this one.

In testRigor, you can write tests in plain English and it will create a sequence of actions required for their execution based on that input. Suppose you want to check the purchasing process for a Kindle device on your website.

Instead of writing many complicated scripts by hand, you just need to provide a title or description of the test case eg, “buy a Kindle.” testRigor can convert the high-level command into more specified steps and ensure everything works, and the instructions can be easily edited if necessary.

But where testRigor shines bright like a diamond is its maintenance capabilities. You can produce tests immediately with no additional steps required and spend only 1/200th of the time.

This means more hours spent on creating cool things people love and less anxiety over whether your test suite covers all edge cases ever known to humankind or not. And that’s not even half of it!

With testRigor, you are also able to run cross-browser tests, check if an email was sent right after registration, or conduct a phone call verification process (just to name a few). This tool supports native app testing for both iOS/Android as well as desktop applications while having built-in support for 2FA scenarios and more!



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