TEXT2SQL.AI is a tool that can help improve your SQL skills and save you time. It allows you to generate optimized SQL queries easily by translating plain language instructions into SQL.

You can describe what you need in your own words and it will build the SQL for you. This is great for learning SQL or if you just need a query but don’t have time to write it out. 

It can also explain SQL queries in easy-to-understand language. If you have a complex query that you find hard to understand, it can analyze it and provide a clear explanation in English. This helps improve your SQL knowledge.

The tool supports fixing SQL errors automatically. Sometimes when writing queries we make mistakes with this tool, you can get help identifying and correcting issues fast. 

You can customize it to your own database schemas by adding your table names, fields, and data types. This means the SQL it generates will be tailored to the structure of your specific databases.

It also generates formulas for Excel and Google Sheets based on instructions. And can do the same with regular expressions.

Best of all, it supports many languages so you can use it in your native language instead of just English. And the pricing is budget-friendly for everyone!



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