What Is Trancy?

Trancy is the ultimate tool for learning languages naturally. As a language lover, you may feel like you’re always playing catch-up when watching your shows and movies because of the fast-paced conversations.

With Trancy, you can now understand your favorite YouTube videos or Netflix series without any effort using Trancy’s advanced bilingual subtitles. No more missing jokes or forgetting what happened – you’ll become completely involved in the plot while simultaneously honing your language skills.

However, Trancy goes beyond that. With its AI-powered translation capabilities, you can now dive into the content of selected web pages and even full-text translations, transforming them into personalized language learning materials. 

Trancy also allows you to study up to 10 different languages at once, thus broadening your horizons beyond measure. Think about how many doors in both your professional and private life will open when you start talking with people from every corner of the world!

The Subtitle Reading Mode lets users concentrate only on written words and phrases thereby gaining deeper knowledge about them as well as various sentence structures used in different contexts. Moreover, with the help of AI Grammar Analysis and AI Word Lookup features, even such complex tasks as mastering intricate rules of foreign languages become nothing but a piece of cake.



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