What Is Gliglish?

Gliglish is an AI language-learning platform that makes it simple to become bilingual.  Traditional language learning can often feel tedious and involves expensive one-on-one tutoring that’s hard to fit into a busy schedule. 

But Gliglish takes a different approach, one based on natural conversation. to boost your fluency and give you an accent, you can learn languages just like children do by speaking!

On Gliglish, you get your own personal AI tutor that you can talk to anytime, anywhere. Practice real dialogs, get feedback on pronunciation, and improve your fluency through fun roleplays of everyday situations.

You can adjust the speed to suit your needs. No more struggling to grasp a particular fast spoken language.

Best of all, Gliglish is incredibly affordable. For less than a single private lesson, you get access to conversational practice 24/7.

That means you can learn even while on the go! No need to carve out special study times. 

Gliglish speaks to the multilingual in all of us. With support for dozens of in-demand languages, you have endless possibilities to expand your world.



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