What Is Winggg?

Winggg is an AI assistant that acts like your personal wingman to help every step of the way. Need a creative opener to strike up a nice convo with someone? Winggg has you covered with engaging message suggestions tailored to each match’s profile. 

Once the conversation starts, it can analyze your exchange and provide recommended replies to guide things in a flirty yet natural direction. No more boring small talk as Winggg moves things along smoothly. 

If you’re ready for an in-person meetup, it even has ideas for asking someone out seamlessly via the app or introducing yourself when meeting. And Winggg doesn’t stop there, offering ways to spruce up your profile too.

Best of all, based on over 1,000 hours spent on tweaking and “humanizing” it, Winggg’s messages are crafted to sound genuine just like advice from a real wingman. It takes the awkwardness out of dating apps and gives you an advantage in connecting.



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