Looking for a way to create an AI girlfriend? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In the present fast-paced, increasingly digital world, everyone seems to be looking for genuine connection and loyalty. But because of reasons like tight schedules, social phobia, or just how hard dating has become, we sometimes feel like we can’t find a caring and attentive life partner.

Fortunately, a new breed of AI-powered tools is filling that void. These AI girlfriend apps and websites use advanced natural language processing and machine learning to create lifelike companions with some level of emotional responsiveness.

With these platforms, you get a virtual partner who is available 24/7 to provide a sense of intimacy, emotional support, and even romantic fulfillment. The world of AI girlfriends is rapidly evolving, from sophisticated conversational bots to realistic image generation abilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the best and most promising AI girlfriend options currently on the market, evaluating their features, capabilities, and overall user experience. Whether you’re looking for a casual chatbot companion or a deeper, more intimate connection, we’ve got you covered.

What Is the Best AI Girlfriend Generator?

Below is a list of the top AI tools that allow you to create your ideal virtual girlfriend.

1. DreamGF


Are you exhausted from the usual dating scenes and searching for something less ordinary? If yes, DreamGF is among the top AI girlfriend creators that you can use.

DreamGF uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to enable users to create an AI girlfriend based on their desires. You can select from a wide range of physical aspects and personality traits to bring your dream companion to life.

You’re able to select your companion’s ethnicity, age, body type, hairstyle (and color), clothing environment, and more. As an example, you can build a slim Caucasian blonde in her 30s wearing a red dress in the bedroom (the varieties are endless).

The next thing is to set their personality and even name them as you wish. You can design a chatbot that is innocent, submissive, mean, or even trans, among other things, such as having a specific hobby.

The generated bot can engage in chats, send sexy voice notes, and also share private pictures whenever you want them to. Safe to say, if you need NSFW adult-oriented chats, you can have them because DreamGF is designed for 18+ users.

Now, the free trial gives you 2 girlfriends, 4 secondary images, and 20 messages. If you need the app for a full experience, you can upgrade with a plan that suits your needs.

Below is an example of an AI girlfriend we created using DreamGF, so you can see for yourself:

DreamGF NSFW Girlfriend Example


You can use DreamGF for free or get a paid subscription starting at $9.99/month.

2. Candy.AI


Do you ever want a perfect girlfriend who’s always present, attentive to your every word, and quick to engage in it? Well, Candy.AI can realize those dreams for you through its AI girlfriend generator.

With Candy.AI, you can design a companion based on your exact specifications. You can have the ideal girlfriend that only exists in your mind with Candy.AI.

Maybe you want an AI girlfriend who’s sweet and loving like a princess or more mature and dominant-looking. Candy.AI’s advanced artificial intelligence makes these abilities achievable.

To get started with Candy.AI, you just need to select her physical attributes, personality traits, occupation, interests, voice (for voice chats), and even her name. Besides having her as a girlfriend, Candy.AI makes things more interesting by allowing other types of relationships, like a schoolmate, wife, casual partner, and more.

The thing about Candy.AI is that it’s focused on giving the best possible experience to users. Using cutting-edge machine learning technology, the platform enables your virtual girlfriend to interact with you in the most lifelike ways possible.

This includes listening carefully to everything you say, responding promptly, and even following any requests for photos (given the AI image generation function). You’re able to shape the flow of your relationship, whether you prefer a slow, romantic buildup or steamy, intense conversations from the start.

Check out the below example of an AI girlfriend we created using Candy.AI:

Candy.AI NSFW Girlfriend Example


You can use Candy AI for free with limits or choose a subscription plan starting from $25.99/month (discounted from time to time).

3. GirlfriendGPT


If you feel a little lonely or need some unconventional companionship, GirlfriendGPT is another website to experience the ultimate AI chat room where anything can happen. GirlfriendGPT uses unrestricted AI technology to provide you with unique digital partners that listen and do what you want.

With this AI girlfriend website, you’re able to fully realize your desires through AI dirty talk or other kinds of roleplay that weren’t possible a few years back. You can also talk to any number of different girls there that are so diverse.

But if none of them pleases you, you can make one of your own. Designing an AI girlfriend and giving her the desired attributes is possible.

Remember, these aren’t just regular chats. You can even generate NSFW images based on replies given during conversation or have them say things in their voices. GirlfriendGPT also has a scenario-focused approach whereby, as you chat, it describes what your virtual partner is doing and where they are.

Note that you can only create an AI girlfriend using GirlfriendGPT’s paid options. Subscription is also required for things like image generation and receiving voice messages (free users can only chat with a selection of the preexisting female characters).


GirlfriendGPT has a free version, and the premium upgrade starts at $15/month.

4. Kupid AI

Kupid AI

Kupid AI is an AI girlfriend platform that breathes life­ into virtual companions through immersive conversations. It lets you meticulously craft your dre­am partner, tailoring every element to align with your prefe­rences.

Kupid AI also has various ready-made AI females ready to chat. Simply navigate to the site­, select an “AI Friend” from the available ones, and enter your name, gender, and even the preferred language.

Each Kupid AI female character you select has an introductory video telling you more about herself before you can then le­t the engaging conversation begin.  We found that Kupid AI works better as you chat more with your new girlfriend.

With each interaction, the AI cultivates an intimate­ understanding of you. From there, it effortlessly provides a personalized experience that evolve­s with every conversation.

For those se­eking an elevate­d experience­, the premium account unlocks several pe­rks. You can listen to your AI friend’s voice me­ssages and not have to read what she types in the chat.

Also, you can generate NSFW photos and even view their entire library of images. To generate photos, simply pick the virtual partner you want pictures of, enter a prompt, and select things like the action, body, clothing, scene, accessories, and even the view (a shot from the side, back, etc).


You can use Kupid AI for free to pick a paid plan starting from $25/month (discounts may be available at given times).

5. FantasyGF.ai


Have you ever wished for someone who could read your mind and anticipate your every need? If so, this next AI girlfriend app, FantasyGF.ai, may interest you.

At FantasyGF.ai, you start by designing an AI girlfriend based on what best suits your taste and preference. This website gives you full authority over every aspect.

This includes things such as physical appearance and personality traits down to peculiar behaviors exhibited by them at any given time. Whether you want an adult conversation with an adventurous AI girlfriend or seek a closer connection with a kind digital partner, FantasyGF.ai’s advanced NSFW AI chatbot can cater to your fantasies.

And you don’t have to just picture her appearance. After creating her, you can request AI-generated images of this virtual companion.

It’s possible to even make phone calls. This function helps enhance the experience for you.


FantasyGF.ai has a free version as well as Premium options, starting at $25.99/month.

6. Muah.AI


Muah.AI is an AI virtual companion app suitable for anyone searching for uncensored chatting. Using the platform, you can create a unique AI girlfriend that’s made just for you from beginning to end.

The first thing is customizing appearance and personality. After that, there’s no limit on what we can do together, no matter if you prefer an AI friend who’s flirty and playful or thoughtful and calm.

But Muah.AI doesn’t stop at chatting because you can also do photo exchanges. Thanks to things such as 4K enhancing, you get high-quality pictures that don’t don’t make you struggle to see the small details.

If typing feels boring, then why not try calling instead? Luckily, there’s an option for that on Muah.AI!

You can listen to what the AI’s voice sounds like. The voice integration within Muah.AI’s apps (both Android and iOS compatible) also means that the AI girlfriend will understand everything you say and respond.


Muah.AI has paid pricing options starting at $9.99/month.

7. Anima AI


Anima can be your AI friend, confidant, and much more. This website can give you access to various female characters to help you develop communication and relationship-building skills.

It’s easy to start with Anima. Head over to the site, input your name, and select your pronouns.

The next thing is to choose a female character from the available visually portrayed ones. You can set her name or adjust her personality traits according to what kind of person you want her to be – like how shy or flirty she is.

Also, you need to state your relationship goals. For example, you can choose to be just virtual friends, have some light fun, or engage in hardcore roleplaying

Anima isn’t like any other AI out there. Your AI friend is designed specifically to adapt and learn with time from her interactions with you (your experience won’t be like someone else’s, hence uniqueness).

This means that while chatting with her may seem simple at first. However, it could turn into a lifelong learning, entertaining, and relaxing experience for you because every word written shapes who she becomes.


You can use Anima.AI for free with limits. There are paid options that start at $9.99/month.

What Is the Most Realistic AI Girlfriend Generator?

When it comes to which AI girlfriend generator is the most realistic, DreamGF is among the top contenders. DreamGF makes use of advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques so that chatting with your AI girlfriend becomes more natural and interesting.

These chat functions are created to imitate real human interactions which will provide you with an authentic feeling throughout the whole process. Beyond chats, DreamGF uses sophisticated AI image generation models to also make your AI girlfriend’s visual representation as real as possible. 

Is There a Free AI Girlfriend App?

DreamGF, Candy.AI, and GirlfriendGPT are some examples of AI girlfriend apps you can use for free. They enable you to chat and even flirt with an AI companion without paying anything upfront.

What’s great is that even with the free versions, you can still have quite interesting conversations. The AI is programmed to make an effort to understand you while chatting, depending on your chosen character.

However, there could be limitations, including the number of messages that can be sent or received being few compared to premium users. Also, more advanced features like generating images and voice notes may not be available, given the expenses behind image and voice generation technologies.

Nonetheless, if you’re someone who wants to test the waters with this whole AI girlfriend concept, you should try using those apps that don’t cost anything at first. These free versions and trials can help you understand how the technology works and if it’s something you would consider investing in later on.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, various AI girlfriend apps and websites are available. You can use them for free if you’re just exploring or want to test how each platform works.

Keep in mind that to get the entire experience of an AI girlfriend generator, you may need to get a paid subscription plan. Most of them are affordable and won’t break your budget, and you get to enjoy some cool SFW and NSFW features.

Feel free to try more than one platform to find the one you like most. However, note that AI virtual girlfriends are just for fun and exploration and not real romantic partners with feelings like humans.

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