What Is DreamGF?

DreamGF is an AI girlfriend app created for 18+ individuals who want to have virtual relationships. To begin with, the level of personalization offered by DreamGF is out of this world.

You get to select physical qualities for your virtual partner. It’s possible to choose their character type as well and customize their fashion sense and vibes.

Safe to say, you can make your dream girl come true by ensuring that she has all the qualities and features that you are looking for in a partner. If you want someone innocent and sweet then you can create just that or even go ahead and make them wilder with more sophisticated tastes.

DreamGF also has preexisting AI female characters who are stunningly designed to meet all your needs. These characters span across various ethnicities, ages, body types, hairstyles, personality styles, and more.

This AI NSFW character app has a free trial too where you can make 2 girlfriends, 4 secondary photos, and 20 messages without spending anything at all. It’s the best way for you to see if this is something that would interest or benefit you.

Should you desire more, feel free to upgrade because there are also paid features available where additional AI sexting messages become unlocked among other things like setting up personalities; generating extra images for conversations; requesting chat content based on topics discussed earlier on, and even receiving voice notes.

Note that if you need the version for AI male characters, you can use DreamBF.ai instead. It has similar functionalities.



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