What Is DreamBF?

DreamBF is a virtual AI boyfriend builder for putting your NSFW ideas to work. You can use it to create any male character or choose from the existing ones on the platform.

The DreamBF AI NSFW character chatbot is highly versatile. There are many options for creating your ideal virtual boyfriend using the user-friendly editor; you can select any face shape, body type, etc.

It’s almost like making up your imaginary friend! Moreover, you can try different combinations until you find the perfect match.

After you set up your AI BF, you’re able to start chatting or sexting with them. They’re designed to be extremely interactive and attentive.

This means that the whole conversation will feel like you’re actually talking to someone real. The more often you communicate with these characters, the more information will be added to their profiles. This creates an infinite loop of virtual love affairs!

DreamBF can do all this because it’s based on highly advanced artificial intelligence which is constantly updated and enhanced by its developers team. Moreover, besides free usage for basic chats, there are various paid subscriptions offering additional features along with wider customization opportunities.

Note that if you need the version for AI female characters, you can use DreamGF.ai instead. It has similar functionalities.



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