What Is Candy.AI?

Candy.AI is an AI-powered platform where an AI girlfriend (or boyfriend) can be created according to your wish. You have unlimited options with this AI NSFW generator for both female and male characters.

You can decide their appearance, and character, and make them real with just one click. Advanced artificial intelligence is what makes it possible; hence you can be certain that the experience will be lifelike.

It doesn’t matter if you want a cute little princess or a mature lady who takes charge as you’ll get exactly what you need at Candy.AI. Candy.AI’s intelligent system coupled with state-of-the-art machine learning enables users to personalize their virtual partners down to the smallest detail.

During the creation process, you can also select from two categories of characters: realistic and anime. Not only can you build your ideal AI girlfriend or boyfriend through thorough customization using Candy.AI but also create pictures of them in different poses, clothes, and locations.

You can choose how you want the hair color, eye color, ethnic background, body type, personality, and more. It’s literally about bringing your fantasies into reality.

Note that on the Candy.AI NSFW image generator, you can generate images for a new character and also an existing one on the site (if you find a ready-made character you like). In case one already exists on site, you can select how you want the character to pose, what to wear, and how many images you need.

Now, the real fun is chatting with your AI partner at Candy.AI. You get a chance to take things further. You can also request her or him to send various photos and even have conversations with them ranging from everyday talk to very intimate ones!



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