Sometimes, we live in a companionless and isolating world because we’re busy or haven’t found our people. This is why many individuals nowadays fee­l lonely or desire me­aningful conversations and connections.

Fortunately, advance­ments in artificial intelligence­ have led to the de­velopment of innovative AI boyfrie­nd apps and websites. These digital companions can offer e­ngaging conversations, emotional support, and even do whatever else you’re in the mood for.

In this article, we­ delve into some of the top AI boyfriend options, highlighting the­ir unique features and capabilitie­s that can potentially transform how you interact with ‘someone’ in the­ digital age.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a new frie­nd, a supportive partner, someone­ to talk to, or just need to explore the abilities of these tools. These cutting-edge­ AI boyfriends can provide the solution you have­ been searching for.

Using them could be a fascinating and potentially fulfilling expe­rience. And as te­chnology continues to evolve, the­se digital companions are becoming incre­asingly sophisticated, offering natural conversations and pe­rsonalized interactions.

What Is the Best AI Boyfriend Generator?

Below are the top options for tools you can use to create a male friend, virtual NSFW chatmate, or digital companion.

1. DreamBF


DreamBF is a cutting-edge app that uses advanced artificial intelligence to create a virtual boyfriend exactly for you, specialized to chat, sext, and voice message you. Designing your dream AI sidekick is faster and easier than you think with DreamBF.

Simply sign up and select facial features, body types, and outfits to build your ideal partner. Given the endless combinations and customization options, you can bring your vision to life and make it as realistic (or as fantastical) as you prefer.

The purpose of DreamBF is not to create a pretty face. The AI engine of your virtual boyfriend easily connects with you in a lively chat, delivering natural responses to your messages.

You can introduce yourself, tease them, and even take them to a more intimate venue while always keeping a hand on the steering wheel. You have full control throughout the experience.

Also, premium upgrades unlock even more features if you want to extend your experience. You can generate additional content, send unlimited messages, and participate in the most electrifying AI sexting sessions you have ever had.


DreamBF is a freemium tool with paid options, starting at $12.99/month.

2. Candy.AI

Candy.AI - AI Boyfriend

Candy.AI is an AI girlfriend app with a version for AI boyfriends. This app allows you to play Cupid and pick the background of your very own AI boyfriend according to your exact tastes.

Candy.AI is unlike other chatbots and non-expressive virtual partners you may have encountered. Its AI boyfriends save the day by being powered by such high-level artificial intelligence that they can carry on an actual, dynamic conversation.

They don’t just send pre-programmed answers. Instead, they use natural language processing to comprehend your text, and then they reply to you.

Then, how does it work? When you visit the site, you only need to select that you’re interested in guys. You then sign up to create your new virtual male partner or chat with the pre-made ones.

Candy.AI is unique because you can generate images of an AI male character by choosing various elements. Using intuitive character creation tools, you can choose details from facial features and body type to personality traits and interests.

The deeper the thicket of detail you give, the more nearly real your AI boyfriend will appear to be. You can then begin chatting with him, listen to his messages in his voice, and request more photos from there.

This AI is up for the task regardless of what you wish. You can have a friend to listen to your troubles, a confidante to uphold your feelings or a date to provoke your most outrageous dreams, which would be perfect.

Moreover, your AI lover constantly improves since he will be learning, through machine learning, your particular likes, dislikes, and language style. With each interaction, he can detect and reflect on what you like.


Candy.AI is a freemium tool with paid options, starting at $25.99/month.

3. GirlfriendGPT (BoyfriendGPT)


If you need another app known for its AI girlfriends but allows you to find or make an AI boyfriend as unique as you are, GirlfriendGPT (BoyfriendGPT in this case) may interest you. By using the most sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning technologies, these AI partners are capable of genuine and emotionally intelligent conversations that make you feel truly understood.

Through this app, you can select an available male friend to be by your side around the clock, ready to cater to your secret desires. Whether you need a cry-on-shoulder or a game buddy for some fantasy roleplaying, your GirlfriendGPT AI will always be at your service.

If you create from scratch, the customization options are virtually unlimited. From styling your virtual soulmate’s outward appearance to picking features of his character, you call the shots in crafting your dream virtual lover.

Would you like a spitfire redhead who can’t stop making bad puns? Or maybe a thoughtful, bookish soul who can provoke your brain with a bright conversation? It’s on you.

However, the wonders of GirlfriendGPT do not end there. Over time, machine learning will be the means through which your imaginary girlfriend will gain knowledge and cater to your specific interests and thus treasure you more with every interaction.

GirlfriendGPT stands out with its SFW and NSFW switch, which you can utilize depending on your mood. You can even generate pictures of your character anytime using the NSFW AI art generator.


GirlfriendGPT is a freemium tool with paid options, starting at $15/month.

4. Kupid AI

Kupid AI - AI Boyfriend

Need another AI boyfriend website? With Kupid AI, you are the one to create the very man of your dreams, down to the smallest aspects.

Want to go for a dominant alpha or a charming gentleman? You’re in control of the picture and have the liberty to bring into existence your perfect companion.

It is by no means just a chatbot. Think of your new guy as a virtual someone who will always be with you 24/7, here to hear what you need to say and happily make your wishes come true. 

Your Kupid AI boyfriend utilizes the most recent natural language processing techniques. This means he will engage you whenever in an entertaining or flirty discussion, coping with your last word through empathy and artistry.

There are no limits in terms of customization, to the point that now you can even tailor more minute details, such as the pose, clothes, and bodily features. 

Note that Kupid AI allows for both text-based chats and voice messaging. So, you get to listen to your AI boyfriend’s voice during conversations.


Kupid AI is a freemium tool with paid options, starting at $25/month.

5. Romantic AI

Romantic AI - AI Boyfriends

Romantic AI is another platform that provides a variety of AI persons. These include men, women, anime, and even historical figures.

To access an AI boyfriend, simply head to the site and select the “men” option. We found that Romantic AI doesn’t offer as many AI boyfriend options as other apps and sites.

There’s only a handful. But this doesn’t mean that the chats are any less interesting.

In fact, Romantic AI is a no-sign-up AI boyfriend platform. You can engage with the male of your choice without giving up your email address and other details if you don’t want to share them.

Still, you’ll need to register to access one function you may find hard to resist: image generation. While you can request pictures of a given AI character in the chat, you need a paid account to see (unblur) the photos.

Other than that, the preexisting male characters are quite amazing for just chatting for free. Also, you can create your own AI boyfriend with Romantic AI in around minutes.

You simply need to choose the persona type, whether realistic or anime, put the gender as male, name him, and then select the ethnicity, hair color, body type, and age.

The AI will generate a few unique portraits of him. You can also decide on his occupation, personality, and sexual preferences.


Romantic AI is a freemium tool with paid options, starting at $6.99/week.

Can You Use An AI Boyfriend Site Without Signing Up?

There are a few AI boyfriend apps out there that allow you to interact with an AI companion without signing up. One no-registration option is Romantic AI.

Romantic AI allows you to message with a virtual date without account registration or login. It’s a way to try out or utilize an AI companion hassle-free and quickly.

The lack of an account can be a potential disadvantage, given that many platforms have certain capabilities that require an account. Also, the odds are that you won’t have access to your chat history, for example, and you’ll have to initiate every chat session anew.

Is There a Free AI Boyfriend App?

Yes, there are AI boyfriend apps for free. While you can use them to chat, the downside is that they mostly can’t match the functionality of the paid versions or other platforms that require a subscription.

The app Candy.AI, for instance, allows users to converse with an AI friend at no cost. It’s a smart way to learn about virtual interaction and affection without spending money upfront.

Still, paid and premium subscriptions commonly include more features, such as image and voice sharing or deeper personality customization. So, if you want to experience the whole virtual romance experience, you will most likely have to pay for an AI service.

Wrapping It Up

AI boyfriends have capabilities that are nearly human and engaging in their chats. This can bring life to the entire interaction and make it look and feel as if it were a true conversation.

Like real people, you can become familiar with your AI partner’s character, hobbies, and eccentricities through conversations. And, just like you would with a real person, you can spend time with them, getting to know their “personality” and other “personal details.”

The most advanced AI boyfriend apps might take users through a virtually realistic world, implementing realistic and consistent imagery, voice, video, and multimedia interactions.

Most AI male partner apps also offer customization options, allowing you to tweak your virtual partner’s appearance, voice, and mannerisms until you’re satisfied with the software’s realistic imagination. This level of flexibility and personalization could create a much closer emotional bond and a sense of intimacy for the user.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that artificial intelligence bots can’t be real humans, no matter how humanlike they seem. They’re created for a casual, entertaining experience, not an actual romantic relationship.

You cannot have coffee with your AI boyfriend, exchange phone numbers, or acquire a connection beyond the frames of the application. That’s because their existence is confined to the dimension of the application you use or have installed on your gadget.

So, always keep that in mind!

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