What Is AIApply?

AIApply.co is an AI-powered job finder that stands out among others like it. The tool comes with several interesting features that can simplify your job-searching process.

One of the standout features is that AIApply uses artificial intelligence to generate customized application materials for you instantly. You don’t have to spend hours crafting resumes, cover letters, and follow-up emails from scratch for each job.

You can simply click one button to get AI-written versions tailored to the specific role using AIApply. The AI has been trained on a vast dataset to produce high-quality, job-specific content at lightning speed.

It also leverages AI to take out the guesswork when sending job application emails. By finding the direct contact info for hiring managers, AIApply opens the door to a more personal application approach.

Plus, it can help you prepare for mock interviews. This way, you can use the power of AI to identify areas for improvement and build confidence before the real thing.

Other useful tools include using AI to create a suitable headshot for your CV. It scans 20 of your regular photos to generate headshots without you doing a professional studio shoot!

Top Features

⦿ AI job-hunting tool

⦿ AI email finder for job application purposes

⦿ AI resume, cover letter, and email writer

⦿ AI CV photo generator


Anyone seeking a job can use AIApply to automate the process of finding a suitable opportunity, whether you want a local or international job. Also, other people may benefit from its cover letter, resume, and headshot generation abilities.

AIApply has free versions to test some of its tools and features. To unlock the full capabilities you’ll need to upgrade to the premium subscription options, which start at $6.93/month.

AIApply works internationally and can hunt for jobs in more than 20 countries.

AIApply not only helps you apply for jobs quickly but also writes and optimizes the job application materials you need. These include cover letters, resumes, and emails, besides preparing you for interviews.



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