What Is LoopCV?

LoopCV is a tool that can simplify your job search process. It was designed to help people land more interviews and find jobs faster with less hassle by automating some of the repetitive tasks. 

LoopCV acts as your job-hunting assistant. You can start by creating a profile and uploading your resume. Then, you select the types of jobs and locations you’re targeting. 

LoopCV takes it from there! It will continuously search for new listings that match your criteria.

Whenever it finds a potential opportunity, it can automatically apply on your behalf with just one click. This saves you the time and effort of manual searching, copying resume text, and submitting each application individually.

If you prefer more control, LoopCV also gives you options. It will notify you of all matched jobs so you can review them first before applying. That way you can ensure any automated submissions are roles you’re genuinely interested in.

The tool even helps with outreach outside of job posts. It can find hiring managers’ contact information and let you quickly send personalized emails introducing yourself as a potential candidate. You can use predefined templates or create your custom messages.

Top Features

⦿ Automated job application

⦿ Personalized job application emails

⦿ Access to analytics like how many companies checked your email, the number of which responded, and the CVs with the highest engagement rates


If you’re a job seeker or freelancer of any level, from entry-level to executive positions, you can find LoopCV useful. It doesn’t matter whether your target job industry is IT, finance, marketing, engineering, or any other.

LoopCV has a free basic version with limited features. To get more access to the tool’s features, the pricing starts at €4.99/month for the lowest plan.

Yes, LoopCV can access job postings from a wide variety of locations and even remote work. You can set your desired place to work.

It’s simple. All you have to do is create an account and upload your CV, select the job titles plus location, and let LoopCV do the rest of the work. The tool has access to job boards and uses advanced algorithms to locate the right position for you.



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