What Is Atlabs?

Atlabs is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for videos. With this Ai video generator at hand, you don’t need to spend all day and night trying to make at least the simplest promotional video for your business.

Maybe you have a piece of content or text prompt idea and it needs to be turned into an engaging video. However, video editing is not your thing. 

With Atlabs you can do that in just two minutes by describing what you need and letting it compile the video. Keep in mind that Atlabs is not just another basic video creation tool.

It’s packed with various AI-powered features that can make your videos pop out among others. Motion graphics, B-roll footage, captions, or even storyboards are generated by typing a couple of words into its scriptwriter.

Atlabs also got you covered when it comes down to visuals and you can include relevant media from its library filled with artificially created images, videos, and GIFs. While giving life to your tales, everything will also be relevant according to what has been said in your copy.

Moreover, Atlabs offers AI voiceovers. You’re able to add realistic human-like sounds or upload your audio files for a more personal touch.

As if that’s not enough, Atlabs can translate any video into over 40 languages instantly. So go ahead and break those demographic boundaries, and reach new horizons within seconds!



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