What Is Vidon.ai?

Vidon.ai is an AI tool that can create high-quality videos with minimal effort. One of the tool’s headline features is the ability to generate an entire video simply by typing in a prompt that describes your video idea.

Vidon uses ChatGPT under the hood to analyze the prompt and write a script. You can even add a URL and the tool then uses advanced AI models to automatically narrate the text with a realistic AI voiceover.

On top of that, it has access to a huge stock image and video library (in the millions) from which it can intelligently select relevant assets to accompany the narration. Things like scene transitions, image placement, captioning, and thumbnails are all handled automatically as well.

The interface seems very intuitive too and you can customize elements like fonts, colors, and more. It supports over 50 languages for both the narration and interface translations.

Anyone who needs to create videos but lacks the time or technical skills can use the tool to create a video series, schedule the content, and track easy-to-follow analytics. The ability to go from an idea to a publish-worthy video with just a simple prompt is incredibly powerful.



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