What Is Axiom.ai?

Axiom.ai is an AI tool for automation that allows you to automate tasks and extract data from websites easily, without writing any code. With Axiom.ai, you can extract data from any URL.

The tool enables you to record your actions on a site as you browse and then store all the keypresses, making it super helpful for repetitive website tasks or data entry work. You could build bots to scrape products on an e-commerce site, pull listings from a real estate portal, or monitor social profiles for example.

Once built, you can schedule your bots to run automatically on a set frequency, keeping your data always up to date without manual effort. Axiom also lets you visually scrape web pages into structured spreadsheets with data tables.

The best part is that it’s a simple Chrome extension, so there’s no software to install or external servers needed. You can automate virtually any site, from YouTube and Twitch to financial portals, freelance platforms, and more. 

It saves loads of time compared to other solutions. You can build as many browser bots as you need, customized for your specific workflows.



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