What Is Browse AI?

Browse AI is an AI web scraper that allows you to extract and monitor data from websites in the easiest way possible. Have you ever wanted to gather information from websites but found it too difficult or time-consuming?

Well, Browse AI solves that problem. With it, you can train simple “robots” to extract just the data you need from any website — things like contact details, product listings, prices, and more — and output it directly into a spreadsheet. 

The best part is you don’t need any coding skills. Browse AI uses an intuitive point-and-click interface so anyone can use it.

Just select the elements on a page you want to monitor, give them labels, and your robot is ready to go. You can even schedule robots to run automatically so the data is always up to date.

Another great feature is that you can bulk-run 50,000 robots simultaneously to extract data from tons of sites quickly. There’s also a library of prebuilt robots for common uses like scraping company info, search engine results, or job listings that you can start using right away. And if a site ever changes, Browse AI will notify you of any discrepancies.



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Browse AI

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