What Is CodeDesign?

CodeDesign is a powerful yet user-friendly site-building tool that uses AI. With CodeDesign, you can create full-fledged websites, components, and pages.

Anything you need for your online presence is entirely possible to make within their online editor. This allows different elements to be designed, coded, and tested together in real time for a smooth workflow.

It offers cloud hosting and deployment options so you can focus on designing without worrying about infrastructure. All your work like websites, assets, and more are safely stored in their cloud. 

SEO is a huge focus as well. CodeDesign aims to help you rank higher through optimized templates and marketing pages crafted with SEO best practices in mind. 

The platform is also versatile. You can publish sites directly from their editor or export code for other hosting. It even provides a database for content, so everything is in one place.

An excellent collaboration feature empowers designers and developers to simultaneously work on projects. CodeDesign’s version control ensures nothing is lost as a site evolves.



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